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Crafting for Mental Health!

All Tribes Mental Health Services is introducing people to the wonderful world of crochet! With just a crochet hook and some yarn, you can create anything from clothing and accessories to wall art and toys. This craft is inexpensive to learn, easy to carry around and do on-the-go, and is great for anyone who needs a way to de-stress.

Crochet is a quiet, meditative process which can help ease anxiety, insomnia, and nervous energy. Just the act of making something from scratch can boost our confidence and happiness, which makes crafts like crochet a useful tool in the battle against the COVID blues. We at All Tribes hope to get more people to try out this versatile and rewarding skill, which is why we’re offering free group classes to anyone interested. Just call 541-366-7640, extension 5 for more information!

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